The Beto´s bar

You must know the new and modern Beto´s bar!

Beto´s bar at Sarmento Leite Street is still renovated with new colors, new environment with a conservatory that beautifully adorn the house. An air-conditioned wine cellar is waiting for you to do the best choice!

Finding a good place for lunch? You have to know the delicious executive lunch of Beto´s bar, served from Monday up to Friday, in Beto´s bar at Sarmento Leite Street, with simple and delicious food, desserts and rotating grill (all-you-can-eat grill).

At weekends and holidays, we serve à lá carte from 11:00 am up to 2:00 am, without close in the afternoon.

The Beto´s bar at Venâncio Street opened his charming Deck, supplying an outdoor location where you can relax and make your happy hour!
Beto´s bar History

An icon of Cidade Baixa( neighborhood) and Bom Fim, the Beto´s bar is a meeting point for artists, journalists, professional person, students and others who live in a bohemian and cultural Porto Alegre.

This is the Beto´s bar, one of the most traditional bars of the city. Beto´s bar is famous for his fillet parmigiana and other dishes, which are prepared by his consecrated kitchen, always fast and attentive, as well as the preparation of special order. Beto´s bar is Well-known for his cold beer and draft beer in an ideal temperature.

In a comfortable and broad space, you can find the whole dishes, like: picanha na chapa( a delicious meat, a grilled rump cup) , sanduíche aberto( is a sandwich that is open), lasanha(lasagna), risotto, carreteiro( is a rice with meat), cod cake and much more!

Beto´s bar is an ideal place to find a good talk, to enjoy the taste of a good cold beer or a delicious and cold draft beer and to taste a good wine.

People find each other here, at Beto´s bar! Come and enjoy yourself!

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